Volatile & Semi-Volatile Pesticides

Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) is recognized as the staple for targeted pesticide analysis and quantification in both environmental and food industries. However, because of its limitation to only identification and quantification of targeted compounds, not all components within a sample can be analyzed. The newest innovation in pesticide analysis is the Orbitrap GC-MS/MS (Gas Chromatography tandem Mass Spectrometry) system because of its powerful analytical capability for detecting targeted, unidentified, and unknown compounds in complex matrices at trace levels. The Orbitrap GC-MS/MS system is capable of performing a full spectrum scan and analysis for pesticide compounds within a sample, where a regular GC-MS system cannot. The Orbitrap GC-MS/MS system has unrivaled resolving power, high sensitivity, low limits of detection/quantification and confident results for confirmation identity of pesticide compounds. Konocti Analytics offers full spectrum pesticide analysis using GC-MS/MS which can screen over 400 pesticides and identify unknown compounds.