Audit of the California Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC)

An audit was recently performed by California’s Department of Finance in regard to the effectiveness of the California Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC). The audit evaluated the progress achieved since its creation in 2016 as a part of the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA).


The assessment found that the BCC’s “current status and location of personnel is not sustainable to provide effective and comprehensive oversight of cannabis activities.” This evaluation found that the department is grossly understaffed resulting in an immense backlog of complaints and a finding from the audit stated that "the BCC wasn’t prioritizing certain complaints that could impact consumers."

Konocti Analytics, Inc. was founded for the purpose of addressing the issues surrounding the cannabis industry to ensure the safety of the cannabis supply in California and to provide oversight of the market as a forensic testing facility.  The company’s laboratory is equipped with modern analytical instrumentation and has been accredited for chemical, biological, and forensic testing by arguably the top accrediting body in the United States. Konocti Analytics’ management team brings with it over 30 years of experience in drug development, analytics and biomedical research.


Based on the experiences of other states where recreational cannabis use has been legalized, we believe that the creation of a state-mandated, central cannabis testing laboratory in California is inevitable, and the company was partly founded with this eventuality in mind.  We further believe that California cannabis testing regulations, as currently constituted, are inadequate and pose an unnecessary health risk to the public. Quality and safety are Konocti Analytics’ primary motivations so that we can provide customers with analytical services that have been held to the highest standards.